VETS 2020

Veteran Entrepreneur Training Symposium (VETS)

May 26 - 29, 2020 in San Antonio, TX, is a Business Development Conference created by Veterans for Veterans.

Please find the speaker presentations for the 2011 Veteran Entrepreneur Training Symposium below. All presentations are in .pdf format. To download, please click on the presenter's name.

Introduction to Federal Contracting


A1. How to use OSDBUs and SBLOs Effectively

A2. Financing Options for Small Businesses

  • Presentations Not Available

A3. Federal Market Research - Who's Buying What You're Selling?

A4. Legal Landmines for Small Contractors

A5. Preparing for DCAA Audit

A6. Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Presentation Not Available

B1. Resources to Grow your Business

B2. Acquisition Training Program I: Understanding the Fundamentals of Costing and Pricing

B3. GSA's Multiple Award Schedule Program: Asking the Hard Questions To Determine If It's Worth The Cost

B4. Legislative and Regulatory Update

B5. Preparing for HR Related Audits

B6. SBIR-Gateway to Unlimited Sole Source Marketing: Positions with all Agencies of the Federal Government

C1. Business Development vs. Small Business: A New Paradigm

C2. Acquisition Training Program II: Understanding the Fundamentals of Indirect Rates - Silver Baron D

C3. The Dynamics of Differentiation and Positioning to Accelerate Small Business Government Sales

C4. Balancing your Insurance Needs: The Risk Assessment

C5: The Capture Process

C6. Technical Proposal Strategy and Past Performance Criteria

D1. Working with Large Prime Contractors: Subcontracting and Partnering Opportunities for Veteran and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Businesses

D2. Information Technology: Understand the Environment and Upcoming Opportunities

D3. Teaming Success Story: Lockheed Martin & Veterans Trading Company

D4. Steps to Successful GSA Schedules

D5. Exporting: An Untapped Market

E1. Women Veteran Business Issues: Obstacles: Truth and Misconceptions

E2. Teaming: A New Paradigm

  • Session was canceled

 E3. Selling to the Corps of Engineers

E4. Successful Procurement Strategies

  • Presentation Not Available

E5. Establishing Indirect Rates: Your Key to Profitability

F1. Social Responsibility: Practical Steps

F2. Update on Small Business Programs

F3. Presentation Skills & Marketing

  • Presentation Not Available

F4. Ask the Advocates 

  • Presentations Not Available

F5. Ethics & Compliance: Why Small Business Should Think Big About Ethics & Compliance

G1. VA Verification Process

G2. Preparing the Winning RFP Response

G3. Pricing Proposals

G4. Veteran Business Boot Camp

G5. Guam Business Discovery

VETS 2019 is focused on one thing—the success of your Veteran-owned Small Business. Will you be a part of the conversation?