Tips for Suppliers

How do I prepare for my One-on-One Business Sessions before arriving onsite?

  • A few weeks before the conference, you will receive an email informing that Suppliers may now request One-on-One Business Sessions.
  • One-on-One Business Sessions are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Do your homework! Research the agencies and primes, visit their websites. Only target agencies that may have a need for your product or service. If the Buyer has informed us what items/services they are looking to contract, we will list them on the One-on-One Business Sessions selection menu.
  • If you provide an item/service that the Buyer does not buy, do not request a meeting. Don’t waste your time or the Buyer’s time. Most likely, your request for a meeting will be declined.
  • Bring a capability statement (one page is plenty). Highlight your company’s qualifications and unique products or services. Emphasize your niche. Show a track record of outstanding service. Make sure you list any certifications, e.g., 8(a), HUBZone, etc.

How do I prepare for my One-on-One Business Session when on-site?

  • Be on time and dress appropriately.
  • Don’t come unprepared! Write down any questions you have after doing your homework.
  • Bring the right person that can answer any questions the procurement officer may have.
  • Each meeting will be 15 minutes. Sell yourself! Present your business card. A brochure will work as well. Spend the first few minutes introducing your company overview.  Include any certifications. Spend a few minutes describing your products and services and your unique niches. Spend a few minutes on your track record and successes. The rest of the meeting can be spent on interacting with the buyer to find out about opportunities, what the next step is and how you plan to follow up.”

What do I do after my One-on-One Business Session and the event is over?

  • Have an advance plan for following up and then do it.
  • Be proactive. The agency or prime contractor will not come knocking on your door. No matter how many T’s you have crossed and I’s you have dotted, you won’t have a chance of getting a contract if you don’t build a relationship. Make the connection with the right person. Remind them of who you are, your track record, solutions you have to problems they have, the prices you charge, etc.
  • Be patient and persistent.