Exhibitor FAQ

  • What value will the Expo deliver for my company?
    As Exhibitor, you will have face-to-face contact with your key audience:
    • Display and showcase new products and services to government buyers, private contractors, and potential partners.
    • Position your company at the heart of public sector procurement.
    • Raise your company profile and build relationships with key decision makers in public sector purchasing
    • Enjoy access to senior government/business buyers and decision makers.
  • Who attends the Expo?
    Attendees come from all levels of federal, state, and local government agencies, the small business community, prime contractors, large businesses, and many more.
  • Can I pick my exhibit space?
    Yes. Exhibit booth selection is available on the registration site.
  • Is the online Expo Hall floor plan up to date?
    The floor plan you see during the registration process is up to date. As companies reserve their booths, the selected booth is color-coded and taken out of inventory. The name of the company reserving the booth will display when one places the cursor over the booth. The company name/booth number is also listed on the event website.
  • Why are some booths reserved but not assigned to anyone?
    Reserved booths are for conference sponsors. Based on sponsor package, sponsors may select from these booths on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • What is included in the cost of the booth space?
    Please refer to your Exhibit Package to confirm what is included in your booth space. The exhibit area will be carpeted. Any additional services (e.g. electrical, internet, phone service) may be ordered using the forms provided in the Exhibitor Services Kit.
  • How many conference registrations do I receive with my booth?
    The cost of your booth space includes one (1) Attendee registration. However, all personnel must be registered for the event as Conference Attendees. Please register your Exhibit staff as Conference Attendees and select Exhibitor/Sponsor as Attendee role (this registration covers admission to expo hall, general sessions, meals, matchmaking, and educational sessions).
  • Do I have to register my booth staff?
    Yes. All personnel must be registered for the event as Conference Attendees. Please register additional Exhibit staff as Conference Attendees and select Exhibitor/Sponsor as Attendee role.
  • When will I receive my Exhibitor Services Kit?
    The Exhibitor Services Kit will be sent after you register your booth
  • Why does my credit card statement show AetherQuest Solutions as the payee?
    AetherQuest Solutions is the event management company. All fees and collection of funds will flow through them.
  • As an Exhibitor, can I attend the Matchmaking Sessions?
    As Exhibit staff, you are also required to register for the conference. Therefore, you may sign up for/attend One-on-One Business Sessions as either Buyer or Supplier.
  • Am I allowed to share booth space with another company?
    No. Booth sharing is not allowed during the Expo.
  • Can my company purchase multiple booths for the expo?
    Yes, you may purchase as many booths as you need. However, each booth must be staffed separately during Exhibit Hall hours Different primary contact email addresses are necessary to reserve multiple booths online.
  • I own more than one business and want to exhibit each at the expo. How can I do this?
    A single business owner who owns multiple businesses can register with an exhibit booth for each business separately. For instance, a business owner of three businesses wishes to exhibit each. He/She can purchase a booth for each business under the respective companies’ names. The booths must be staffed separately. The owner will need to register each business with a different email address to reserve the space online.
  • Are there special Rules and Regulations I should be aware of?
    Yes. Please refer to the Exhibitor/Sponsor Rules and Regulations webpage. It is AetherQuest Solutions’ goal to assure that all Exhibitors, regardless of exhibit size or location, display their products and services in an environment conducive to successful interaction with attendees, and thereby providing a rewarding trade show experience. The rules and regulations have been established with that goal in mind.