VETS19 Agenda

Please find below the VETS'19 schedule of events. All activities will take place at the Marriott Rivercenter in Downtown San Antonio, Texas.

Tuesday, May 28
9:00am 12:00pm NVSBC Board Meeting
12:00pm 5:00pm Registration Opens
12:00pm 5:00pm Exhibitor Move In
2:00pm  4:00pm NVSBC Annual Members Meeting
5:00pm 8:00pm NVSBC Reception (By Invitation)
Wednesday, May 29
7:00am 5:00pm Registration Opens
8:00am 9:00am Continental Breakfast
9:00am 9:30am

Opening Ceremonies and Welcome Remarks                                                                            

Master of Ceremony 
Scott Denniston
Executive Director
National Veteran Small Business Coalition                                                                            

Posting of Colors                                                                                           

National Anthem

Welcome Remarks - Mayor of San Antonio/Governor of Texas (Invited)

9:30am 10:15am Keynote Speaker: Stewart Hill, Lieutenant Colonel, British Army (Retired)
10:15am 10:30am Break
10:30am 11:15am

General Session: Section 809 Discussion
Speaker: Larry Trowell, Commissioner, Section 809 Panel

11:15am 12:15pm

Breakout Sessions:
Session 1: All About Status: The VetBiz Verification Gauntlet 

Sarah Schauerte
Attorney at Law
Legal Meets Practical, LLC

William Thomas
Consultant, NVSBC

Description: This session guides prospective firms (or currently verified firms) through the verification process as it exists today in light of numerous recent changes. All major eligibility issues will be addressed as our seasoned professionals guide applicants through a "test" application, jumping over technical and eligibility hurtles to reach the finish line of verification. The effect of recent rule changes will also be discussed, as well as the logistics to submitting a Change Request. Spend some time in this session to avoid wasting hours spinning your wheels later! Sarah Schauerte Reida's 2019 Handbook on the VetBiz process will also be made available. 

Session 2
Federal Business JeoPARODY – Veterans Edition

Judy Bradt
Chief Executive Officer, Summit Sight and 
Education & Training
NVSBC DC Chapter
Heidi Gerding
Chief Executive Officer
HeiTech Services, Inc.

Cynthia Miracle
President & CEO

Lori Jansen
Clear Global Solutions LLC

DescriptionAnd now for something completely different! Join us for this special, fast-paced, encore of Federal Business JeoPARODY – Veterans Edition.

You’ll pick the questions! Our two featured contestants will share in full candor their answers to your questions on key facets of what it takes to grow federal business. Ask seasoned business owners about the inside story on Opportunity Pursuit, Business Development, Teaming, Proposals, Post-Award, and Back-End Operations. You’ll dive deeply into intimate (and sometimes very personal) business experiences of two CEO’s and their decades of extraordinary federal contracting experience.

Discover things you never knew you have in common with others…and wisdom we can all use! And…discover new ways we’re ALL on the same team.

Session 3
: Bid Decision Gate Review 

Tan Wilson, PMP
Entellect, LLC.

Description: Who has unlimited amount of bid and proposal funds? No one and this include the large government contractors. Terms such as a pipeline, blue team, black hat and other qualifying gate reviews are often spoken, but rarely executed or given the proper time and respect they deserve. If you find excuses for not qualify your pipeline or forgoing an opportunity review, then stop immediate! You must begin to lay the foundation to adopt better business development processes and decision-making activities within your organizations. These decision gates are business development milestones where the BD team and key executives can decide whether to continue or initiate capture, or no bid and end the pursuit. Stop spending good money over bad on bid and proposal efforts that won’t result in a contract win.

Session 4: Update on Legislative and Regulatory Proposals &

New Rules: How They May Impact Your Business

Pam Mazza
PilieroMazza, PLLC.

Megan Connor
PilieroMazza, PLLC.

Description: During the past 12 months, several legislative and regulatory measures have been proposed or passed that could impact the ways that SDVOSBs can do business while remaining compliant.  For instance, new SDVOSB rules limit where the service-disabled veteran may reside and the hours when the SDV should work. There have been changes in the way the SBA calculates whether a business is small, and proposals are pending to increase the use of sole source contracts and contractor teaming agreements. This session will address the recent changes and proposals and provide tips on best practices.

12:15pm 2:15pm

Champion Award Luncheon sponsored by

Awards Luncheon Sponsor

2:30pm 4:30pm Matchmaking by GovMates
2:30pm 5:00pm Exhibit Hall Open
5:00pm 7:00pm Networking Reception in Exhibit Hall
Thursday, May 30
7:30am 5:00pm Registration Open
7:30am 8:30am Continental Breakfast in the Exhibit Hall
8:30am 9:30am

General Session: Small Business Director’s Town Hall

John Shoraka
Co-Founder/Managing Director


Mauricio Vera
Director, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
U.S. Agency for International Development

Gregory J. Thevenin.
Director, Office of Small Business Programs.
DLA Energy

Donna Ragucci
Director, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
U.S. Department of Treasury

Lee Rosenberg
Director, Office of Small Business Programs
Missile Defense Agency

Karen Mumford
Director, Small Business Program Office
Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

Christy Jackiewicz
Deputy Director, Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
U.S. Department of Energy

Anthony Bell
Small Business Advocate
Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization
Department of Homeland Security

8:30am 4:30pm

U.S. Air Force Cyber Security Training Workshop
(DFARS 204.73 / NIST SP 800-171)

Northrop Grumman, in collaboration with the USC Center for Economic Development, is offering free cybersecurity training to small businesses through an Air Force Small Business Office Mentor Protégé Program. This workshop is open to all small businesses. Advance registration is required.

The primary purpose of our one-day 8-hour workshop is to ensure that small businesses are aware of the cybersecurity requirements mandated under Defense Federal Acquisition Regulations Supplement (DFARS) Subpart 204.73. We will focus on understanding the risks associated with safeguarding controlled unclassified DoD information. The workshop will focus on the groups of controls from NIST SP 800-171, with examples highlighting what happens when these controls are not implemented. By the end of the workshop, you will become familiar with all 110 controls and be able to better identify the areas where you may need greater focus to meet the DoD’s cybersecurity expectations


NOTE:  Registration to VETS'19 is not required but attendees will not be able to access conference activities. VETS'19 attendees are welcome to attend. Check in at the registration desk for your workshop badge.

9:30am 12:00pm Exhibit Hall Open
9:30am 10:30am Breakout Sessions:

Session 5: Why Corporations Demanded a New Certification

Darrol Brown
2nd Vice President
National Veteran
 Business Development Council

Description: Learn why Private industry demanded a certification program that meets their standards; similar to NMSDC and WBENC. Self-certification is obsolete and the BDR has made it clear that certification of SD/VOBs must meet their “best practice” corporate standards. To fully understand what this means to our veteran business owners; they must now accept their responsibility to adopt and embrace the corporate certification standards. There is no such thing as: set asides, sole source, entitlement or any reason to hire you except that you bring a good value to the corporation, being a SD/VOB might help you but it is never the reason for you to get the contract.

Session 6: How To Effectively Take Advantage of Your 
                  Socio-Economic Status – It’s Not What You Think

Joshua Frank
Founder and Managing Partner
RMS Federal

Description: One of the more educational, fast-paced, high-energy and thought-provoking seminars you will attend at this year’s conference. Guaranteed. Does this sound familiar? “Hi, we’re a  VOSB or  SDVOSB that provides. . .” Small business offices, your mentors, your colleagues, and small business counselors all tell you  to, “Put it front and center! There are federally mandated set-asides  for your company! Large companies require sub-contracting plans    for companies just    like yours!” We’ve all purchased the same    business books, attended the same seminars, attended conference training seminars, and your mentors have all given the same advice - “Use your status!”

You need to think like a business that provides value rather than a company with a socio-economic status. You will be taught real-world techniques, strategies, and examples on how to “softly” communicate your status, differentiate from the competition, and facilitate a perception of corporate maturity. You will learn methods to communicating quantifiable and qualifiable metrics that focus on the value of your solutions. You will also receive a step-by-step process on introducing yourself and your company at conferences (like VETS’19), with partners and with government decision makers, what to do during government meetings and how and when to properly communicate your socio-economic status.

Added takeaway: Attendees will receive various business templates outlined in the seminar. This seminar provides award- winning techniques and strategies that have directly helped small businesses win more than $2 Billion in government contracts.

Session 7:  
Competitive Intelligence—Harnessing the Power  
                  of the Federal Procurement Data System
                  Part 1:

Wayne Simpson, CFCM, CSCM
FedBizzAssist, LLC

Description: Federal Acquisition Regulation Subpart 4.6 establishes government procurement reporting requirements.  The Federal Procurement Data System—Next Generation (FPDS-NG) is the official repository for Federal Procurement Data.  FPDS-NG is a treasure trove of procurement data available for the taking. Data which can be used to identify procurement opportunities to supplement agency Forecasts of Contracting Opportunities, to  identify where your   competitors are in the Federal Marketplace, and the “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” and “how” of Federal Procurement.

Session 8: Growing and Maintaining SDVOSB Status Through  
                 Investment and Beyond 

Megan Connor
PilieroMazza, PLLC.

Kathryn Hickey
PilieroMazza, PLLC.

Description: SDVOSBs are subject to unique control and ownership requirements, making it hard to attract investors and partners.  Given the restrictions created by SDVOSB ownership and control requirements, how can a founder grow and incentivize key employees and investors effectively while still playing within the rules?  In this session, we will identify common control pitfalls for veteran owners, particularly in light of SBA’s new regulations. We will also discuss how a veteran owner can protect the company’s SDVOSB eligibility while still enticing top executives and investors and explore creative strategies for investment structure and incentive models. This is a can’t-miss session for owners looking to expand while preserving SDVOSB status.

10:30am 10:45am Break
10:45am 11:45am

Breakout Sessions:

Session 9: How To Get In Front of Your Federal Buyer So
                 You Can Win The Work You Deserve

Judy Bradt
Chief Executive Officer
Summit Insight

Are you a federal contractor who’s frustrated by losing the projects you deserve to win? Do buyers keep giving work to your competitors, but never want to talk to you? Find out what really it takes to get in front of your federal buyer!

What you will learn:
What contracting officers really think of vendors
Why they don’t take your calls (and what to do next)
What federal buyers really want
How to prepare for that first call (and get invited back)
The Five Worst Mistakes Vendors Make (and what do to instead)

Finally, you’ll discover how to tap the secret super-power of Micro-Engagements, and transform your win rate for the better right away!

All attendees will get this bonus:
How To Pick Your Best Federal Prospect So You Can Spend Your Time Where The Money Is

Session 10:
Come and Learn What Type of Capital is

                    Available for Your Firm to Enable it to Expand
                    and Grow – Intelligently
Sue Malone

Strategies for Small Business

Linda Dozier
Contract Negotiator, Sr. Staff
Lockheed Martin Space

Grant Bennett
Project Manager, CDFI Collaborative

Description: Every business faces financial challenges at one time or another, may it be financing the new government contract, meeting weekly payrolls, managing the growth of the business, managing the upfront costs required, purchasing equipment or office building.  Please join us for a frank conversation on what types of financing are available for your firm.  We will be discussing the various options since every firm has their own special requirements. In addition we will discuss ways to finance global opportunities. Don’t say no to a contract because you do not have the funds, there are many different options available. Come and learn about them.  There will be time after the session to meet one on one to discuss your firm’s special needs.

Session 11:
Competitive Intelligence—Harnessing the Power

                   of the Federal Procurement Data System
                   Part 2: Computer Lab

Wayne Simpson, CFCM, CSCM
FedBizzAssist, LLC

: Continuation of Part 1. Laptop computer is mandatory for accessing FPDS to pull reports. Wifi will be available. 

Session 12:
Certification and Verification: What is it and why does it matter?

Matthew Pavelek, M.A
President & Chief Executive Officer
National Veteran Owned Business 
Association (NaVOBA)

Description: This session will provide an overview of the various options for verification as well as certification for veteran-owned businesses. It will also explore what vetrepreneurs should consider regarding either option based on their current or prospective customer bases. This is a beginner to medium-level session geared toward business owners who are exploring selling to the federal government or large corporations and are concerned with the costs and benefits of certifications.

11:45am 1:30pm

Veteran Owned Business Pitch Competition Luncheon sponsored by
StreetShares Logo

1:30pm 5:00pm Exhibitor Breakdown
1:45pm 2:45pm

Breakout Sessions

Session 13: Strategies to Grow your Small Business

William Osgood
Owner & President
CFR Associates

Description: This interactive and fast paced workshop will walk you through the basic fundamentals of successful businesses and end with strategies to catapult your business into the stratosphere. We will discuss everything from marketing and networking, to using your certifications effectively finally ending with teaming agreements and joint ventures. All of this will be evaluated and presented through the eyes of government contracting. We always struggle to complete the material because of the power it contains to change your business. Each business will have an opportunity to talk to the speaker individually about strategies to grow their business.

Session 14:  SBA Unfiltered – Tips & Tactics on how to leverage and navigate SBA programs and resources to achieve your business goals.

Speakers: TBA

Description: SBA team members will provide an overview of SBA programs and share tips on how, when and why to leverage the wide range of resources. 

Topics to be covered:

Business Advisors

Industry Experts
Loans & Lenders
Government Contracting Certifications & Support
Surety Bonds

Session 15: Business is Booming Beyond the Beltway

Liz Wallis
Manager, Supplier Diversity
American Airlines

Brian K. Hall
Manager; Supplier Diversity & Outreach
Shell Oil Company

Paige Adams
Sr. Manager, Supplier Diversity
Pepsi Co.

Description: Opportunities for Veteran’s Business Enterprises in the private sector have never been better. That’s right, more than 435 FORTUNE 1000 companies include veterans as preferred vendors in their supplier diversity programs. Meet with managers from NaVOBA’s large Corporate Allies to learn how to do business with Corporate America. This is a medium to advanced-level session geared toward business owners who are serious about private sector contracting with large corporations.

Session 16: Are You ‘Flowing’?

Wayne Simpson, CFCM, CSCM
FedBizzAssist, LLC

Description: This session will inform of the flow-down requirements for Federal Prime and Subcontractors, to improve compliance and risks associated with non-compliance.  Small businesses are not exempt from flowdown requirements.

2:45pm 3:00pm Break
      Breakout Sessions

Session 17: Set the Table for Success and Growth: Growth
                    Strategies for SDVOSBs

Sarah Djamshidi
President and Managing Partner
Speedshift Ventures

Description:  In this presentation, you'll learn about:                               - Current trends and the pros and cons of each alternative available to government contractors for liquidity & exit.
- Valuation drivers and recommendations for increasing the value of your business.
- Importance of wealth and succession planning for your most important asset, your business.

Session 18: Moving Forward with Federal Supply Schedule
                    Contracting – GSA Schedule Consolidation + VA FSS

Gregory Madden
Managing Member

Hannah Zerphey
Managing Member
Orlaithe Consulting LLC

Description: There is a lot of talk about the Federal Supply Schedule program these days – from GSA Schedule consolidation to the VA’s rules about distributors with insignificant commercial sales, and new contracting regulations designed to promote SDVOSB and VOSB. During this panel discussion, Orlaithe Consulting LLC will discuss the potential impact of GSA move to a consolidated Schedule and best practices for SDVOSB and VOSB to navigate the windy road of VA FSS contracting and related vehicles.

Session 19:
CPARS and Open Ratings: How do they 
impact my bid?

Cindy Gaddis
Vice President

Description: Your rating may be the determining factor in your next win or loss.  The Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) and the Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) Open Ratings may be the two most critical, and most overlooked, elements that impact an organizations success in winning business with the federal government.  During this session, we discuss both and how to leverage to help your business grow.

Session 20:
Smart Pursuit and Teaming Effectively

Al Saxon, Sr.
Vice President, Principal
Vision Technologies, Inc.

Description: A look at federal contracts, how teams are formed, why post-award BD is many times futile for small businesses.  Sharing lessons learned as one of the most successful SDVOSB companies ($1 Billion in cumulative revenue) that transitioned from purely commercial to fed/commercial mix.  The emphasis is on the SDVOSB in a subcontracting role.  “So you won a $100 Million contract, and there’s nothing in it that I can do??”

4:00pm 4:15pm Break 


Breakout Sessions

Session 21: GSAs Single Schedule Revolution – What You Need to  
                    Know to Prepare for the Changes Ahead”

Stephanie Shutt
Director, Multiple Award Schedules Program Management Office

General Services Administration

DescriptionIn 2018, GSA announced it will modernize federal acquisition by consolidating the agency’s 24 Multiple Award Schedules (MAS) into one single schedule for products and services.  The MAS transformation of a $31B program, is currently underway, and is part  of GSA’s strategy to make the Schedule buying and selling experience more efficient and user-friendly.  While intending to simplify the contracting and purchasing process by providing a single point-of-entry for Government buyers, nonetheless, this Schedule consolidation will present new challenges and significantly impact the small business community and how the 4000+ VOSB/SDVOSB GSA Schedule holders will administer their contracts, report sales, ensure compliance and interact with GSAs contracting staff.  

Session 22:
How to Sell You SDVOSB Company (or How

                    to Acquire an SDVOSB)

Sharon B. Heaton
Chief Executive Officer

Description: The goal of the session is to provide the knowledge and strategy veterans need to either buy a GovCon company, or to sell one. Given the recent Shutdown, the market for veteran-owned GovCon businesses has changed. Learn how recent economic trends have changed the dynamics between buyers and sellers of GovCon companies, and how veterans can successfully transition into business owners through acquisition … or if they are already business owners  of GovCon companies, how they can successfully sell and lift off to their next goal in life.

The session will feature a Veteran who has recently sold his GovCon business and an M&A Advisor who specializes in the VOSB/SDVOSB space.

Session 23:
Time Costs Money: Government Delays

Sarah Schauerte

Attorney at Law
Legal Meets Practical, LLC

Description: This session covers delays in government contracting, including both contractor-caused and government-caused (or both), and what this can mean for a contractor both in terms of liability and recovery. Our professionals will highlight the FAR clauses every contractor should know, different types of delays, and best practices to protect yourself while maintaining a solid working relationship with a government client.

Session 24:
Your Strategic Roadmap: For 2019
and Beyond

Edward Tuorinsky
Managing Principal

Description: Mention strategic planning and many people think ‘offsite retreat.’ While a day or two away from the office is a good time to focus on your strategic plan, the plan itself is a valuable guide year-round – one that encompasses every action, initiative and dollar spent.

Edward Tuorinsky, Managing Principal of DTS, will share his perspectives and experience on how organizations wanting to be viable, fiscally healthy and results-oriented should take the time to create and maintain a strategic plan. Learn more about the key elements in a plan, some tips for DIY efforts, when to call in professional help, and more in this session.

Friday, May 31
7:30am 12:00pm Registration Open
7:30am 8:15am Continental Breakfast 
8:30am 10:00am NVSBC Working Groups 
  - Construction
  - Medical Products

8:30am 10:00am Chapter Presidents Meeting
10:00am 10:15am Break
10:15am 11:45am

NVSBC Working Groups 
  - Construction
  - Medical Products

10:15am 11:45am South Texas Chapter Formation